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"He has his own sound, his own style...in fact he's so damn good....he pisses me off ( lol)" Geno Washington


Jim Crawford is something of an enigma. Originally from Lancashire, he now resides on the North Devon coast.

A shy and retiring man who readily admits that recording studios fill him with dread and that hed rather go fishing with his dog for company, has, none the less, toured much of Europe and the U.S.A captivating audiences with his intimate folk/blues style.

Softly spoken, Jim totally surprises his audience when he breaks into song with, as one reviewer put it " A richness of voice you can only be born with." and for years has been revered among professional musicians as a consummate finger picker and slide guitarist.

He first came to the attention of a wider audience when invited to record a session for the BBCs Paul Jones Show. When quizzed by Mr. Jones about recent concert work we glimpsed the sense of humour that lights up Jims live shows when he wryly replied, I've just played at the Appledore school fete where I was second in the popularity stakes to a bouncy castle !

Jim has finished his new solo album "Roots & Originals" which is available along with his previous albums "Blues Boy" and "When the Rains Came". If you would like listen to a few tracks from these albums go along to



Roots & Originals - 
New Release

Jim's New Album Release - 'Roots & Originals'

"After months of faffing around, I've finally got some bloody work done. Hope you like it."

Beth Rowley - Little Dreamer

'When The Rains Came' covered by Beth Rowley on her new album

Having already covered 'When The Rains Came' on her 2004 EP, Beth called Jim recently to ask him if she could cover the track again on her new album 'Little Dreamer', which is tipped to top the UK album charts.

Beth's big production gospel soul version of Jim's track appears among a number of other covers by such distinguished names as Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, as well as some songs penned by Rowley herself.

Jim's Dream - a short Film by Richard Crossman featuring Jim Crawford

Jim on Film

Many of you who have not seen Jim's screen debut in the short film 'Jim's Dream' by up and coming director Richard Crossman, are now able to see the film on YouTube. Filming took place in Devon and Somerset in the summer of 2006, and it has been well recieved by cinema audiences around the region.



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